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Experience and Dedication to the Development and distribution of reliable and innovative Batching Control System. Individualized Customer-Driven Design, committed to providing total solutions, our knowledge and experienced technical staff construct, test and set-up each system to match your plant. Assistance and installation service is available by our qualified personnel for the transition and training of operator.
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Automated Batching Control System
  Main functions:
    1.Jobs Submit Function.
    2.Formulas Management Function.
    3.History Reports Management Function.
    4.Ingredients Management Function.
    5.Parameters Management Function.
    6.System Alarm Management Function.
This system consist of control panel, touch screen and HMI software. This is a very useful system for controlling Concrete and Asphalt's process. We provide various types of Batching Control Systems

Construction Field Portable Traffic Lights (Portable Lane Control Signal Systems)
- Touch Screen, complete with password and Setup Menu.
- Easy cycle times entry for both units.
- Intelligent bi-directional communication between Master and Remote traffic units, actual lights status of both units are displayed on touch screen.
- Via hand remote radio, an operator can change all signals to Steady Red lights, stopping all traffic from entering the control area, operator chooses Green Start light for either end depending on traffic condition.
- Manual control function (wireless from Master unit), operator sequentially controls the two traffic units at each end of the work zone area.

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Control Boards
We provide a series of control boards to control different machines or equipment.
Control Board #1 for Central Conveying Controls
Control Board #2 for Feeders
Control Board #3 for Material Handling
Control Board #4 for Injection Machines
Control Board #5 for Gravimetric Blenders

Control Panel

Batching System

Traffic Lights

Control Board